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Microsoft announced back in 2015 that their point of sale (POS) software, Microsoft Dynamics RMS 2.0, was entering into the “extended support phase” of its product life cycle. They gave the estimated 45,000 companies using their Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) plenty of time to get a migration game plan in place, even creating a paid annual maintenance support program until July of 2021, when it will end. Many users are wondering what this means for their business, and with good reason–some forums are of the belief that even telephone support will be shut down within a few months.

Relying on partners to continue to support RMS can only go so far, and there is a very real chance that by doing nothing, you’ll have a loss of working integrations or add-ons, a lack of hardware support and issues with Windows. The only real solution you have is to migrate to another platform. But which one?

All Point Retail was one of the top RMS dealers for over 15 years running, so we’re the ideal people to offer a point of view on RMS replacement solutions. We know the ins and outs of it, and we know the best options to get you out of this potential bind. In fact, one of our management team members was on the board to evaluate RMH (the heir apparent offering of Microsoft to replace RMS) and was a top dealer for decades. Back then, he saw the writing on the wall regarding its product life cycle–and why.

There’s a Proliferation of POS Options…Here’s Your Checklist for Choices

There are a lot of POS choices at varying price points and features, but it’s really important to keep in mind that you’ll want to be able to import customer information, sales history, etc., with little-to-no extra effort or outside vendor charges to make it happen. You’ll also want a system that is similar in look, feel and usability to RMS. Beyond these basic needs, however, is a punch list of POS imperatives that we think necessary for both today and tomorrow’s retail POS solutions. They are not based on opinion–they are based on our years in the RMS and POS alternative trenches.

1.Get customer-centric. Okay, this may sound like a buzzword, but it’s really not. Customer first is a mindset as well as a retail movement. It means you have CRM ingrained into all your touchpoints–online, mobile and in-store–unified, CX-first and tokenized, which ensures a consistently excellent experience with no PII concerns.

2. Your back of house needs to meet or exceed what RMS had. That means robust. As in it has an OMS ordering system, killer cross-channel inventory control and accountability, the ability to transfer and send sales, in-house stock counts and multi-channel fulfillment.

3. It needs to operate with or without the Internet. This is where cloud-based systems struggle. If you lose the Net you lose your register, you can guarantee the loss of one more critical thing–sales. Slow, intermittent or unreliable transactions can be just as bad…lags, crashes and sludges while customers are trying to buy just makes them want to abandon. *Note: we’ve solved this within the software we use as well as by building redundant infrastructure around it, but it’s not a standard thing. So get serious about making it happen.

4. Is it integratable? Integrating with other platforms is now a necessity–be it for ecomm, ERP/ accounting system, WMS and 3PL, EDI Feeds, loyalty modules, mobile apps, clienteling solutions or anything else that may become necessary. And it will. Your Microsoft RMS replacement must have mature and robust APIs that make integration achievable. All Point Retail has its own in-house integration and development team, which is the only way to support Managed Retail Commerce in today’s world.

5. Balance the burden of change. The biggest barrier to change is going to be the capital expenditure of switching systems. We’ll be honest here, the workload involved is heavy. But having dealt with it for years, All Point Retail has lightened the load to make it happen in a few ways.

  • Our business model avoids the necessity of up front investment dollars. Instead, we offer a fixed cost and monthly payments.
  • Our in-house integration team handles the data migration from Microsoft RMS, taking it completely off your shoulders.
  • We can clean up your data and development new business processes to best utilize the program based on your unique needs, both now and in the (likely unforeseeable) future.
  • We approach CRM right, where the front of house has the basics (return, transact, split transaction, gift cards, etc.), but also support features such as AI-driven customer feedback reports, so you can get the insights you need to keep things frictionless.
  • We ditched the PC for the cloud. When we migrated from the PC and moved our client POS solutions into a new cloud-based platform, our client service calls dropped 90%. This is also because we built a strong store-level infrastructure to support its reliability and stability. It’s a lightweight infrastructure that also facilitates mobile. What’s not to love?


All Point Can Help

All Point Retail is software agnostic but retail hypervigilant, and we have a few Microsoft RMS replacement solutions that we stand behind confidently. We combine the right software platforms to meet your business needs and current size, then we develop an infrastructure that’s not only stable, but also elastic–thus allowing you to scale and integrate to whatever level you think you can reach. These two key factors, combined with unlimited flat rate service for our 7 days a week/18 hours a day in-house support team, gives you the three biggest reasons to talk to us about how we can help you smoothly transition from Microsoft RMS and propel your retail business forward.

Technology is evolving, customer expectations are changing and companies are more under the gun than ever to serve shoppers where, how and when they want it, free of headaches and chock full of good customer service. The platforms to support this have leapt far beyond Microsoft RMS, and All Point Retail is ready and waiting to help you migrate into an exciting new world of POS possibilities. At All Point Retail, Managed Retail Commerce is essentially all that we do!

Contact us today to talk about how we can help you with a smooth migration path from Microsoft RMS!

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