New Managed Retail Commerce Solution to Make Unified Commerce Possible for Retailers

Seasoned retail IT solutions company unveils new category of managed services to help retailers successfully meet the challenges of evolving retail technology requirements. 

SARASOTA FL, APRIL 15 2021 – All Point, a specialty retail IT solutions company, has announced their new Managed Retail Commerce offering, a new service that unleashes the potential of unified commerce for any retailer. Centered around one integrated IT platform and bolstered by their consulting, design, development, implementation and support services, they customize solutions to help retailers address their IT challenges from “all points”, creating a foundation for both current and future needs states.

Retailers have been increasingly challenged to revisit their IT infrastructure to better address changing channel and customer requirements, a situation made more pressing by the unexpected impact of COVID. Already facing the need to integrate people, places, platforms and protocols to ensure fluid experiences, support and transaction types, the pandemic added the additional stress of pared down internal teams and resources to support rising customer expectations.

“All Point understands the rising pressure of technology in the retail vertical. In fact, that’s all we do–technology for retail,” shared All Point CEO Sean Quinn. “We’ve lived retail’s realities for decades and have always been ahead of the curve, which is why we were so ready for the surprises COVID presented us with. Our platform and Managed Retail Commerce model can fill the gaps for retailers doing more with less, while also adding the power of our platform and its ability, stability and, importantly, investment feasibility. We can help any retailer meet these new demands but also save money, sell more, and gain critical speed to market as they return to business.”

Omnichannel has been a buzzword for close to a decade, yet few retailers have truly cracked the code on making it not just a fulfillment effort, but a 360-degree customer promise. To make it real, all systems must be working together with one common, forward-facing vision for their customers. All points of commerce must have the same look, feel and symbiotic experience, yet operate contextually for the touchpoint. This is the vision and technology that underpins the promise of managed retail commerce and, when implemented, it allows retailers to pivot ‘elastically’ across platforms.

“Our light and flexible technology backbone allows our clients to seamlessly present a common customer experience across all platforms, from online to in-store, mobile to non-traditional, all while ensuring that they can scale and pivot rapidly based on whatever demands show up for them,” All Point VP of Sales and Business Development Will Amos contributed. “Now more than ever, it has become evident that the customers expect retailers to meet them where they are, no matter where across the journey spectrum.”

Every time a new service evolution such as 2-day shipping, BOPIS, self-checkout and other emerging commerce options emerge, customers perceive them as new expectation for all retailer brands. Post-pandemic, this means transparency on product availabilities across all channels, personalized to their preferences but with privacy in mind.

“Ultimately, what we are offering is a method to get back to business efficiently and cost-effectively with a foundational ecosystem that makes this possible,” added Mr. Quinn. “We help our retail clients meet their customers at the many intersection points of their lives. If they want to swing by a store and pick up at the curb, get something sent home swiftly, ping for a product via mobile, grab on impulse from automated vending machine or pop by a pop up, our solution can make it happen. And as the formats of retail continue to expand, it’s the foundation that will lead them into the future.

All Point’s Managed Retail Commerce

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About All Point

All Point is an integrated IT company that unleashes the potential of unified commerce to any retailer. Enabled by their Managed Retail Commerce offering, brands can now outsource all or part of their retail IT needs–from POS to inventory to analytics and beyond–to swiftly and nimbly flex to any operational or customer requirement, regardless of place or platform. Further supported by their ‘one point of responsibility’ model, custom solutions and creative financing, retailers can now get the help they need for evolving IT requirements so they can better focus on what matters most–selling.

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Will Amos
VP, Sales and Business Development
All Point

All Point is changing how retailers approach IT.

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