Managed Retail Commerce is what, exactly?

It’s a new retail IT service that unleashes the potential of unified commerce…and it’s going to elevate your expectations from a retail partner.

Retailers have been increasingly challenged to revisit their IT infrastructure to better address changing channel and customer requirements, a situation made more pressing by the unexpected business requirements 2020 brought forward. Already facing the need to integrate people, places, platforms and protocols to ensure fluid experiences, support and transaction types, the pandemic added the additional stress of pared down internal teams and resources to support rising customer expectations. What are retailers to do? Enter Managed Retail Commerce.

Managed services have been a ‘thing’ for a very long time, and for good reason. The technology know-how, resources and ability to ensure critical up-time for many retail tech operations is hard, and many firms have focused on offering their support on an outsourced basis with managed services. However, when it comes to an integrated retail IT platform, things get even harder. It needs to be fluid, always on and bullet-proof dependable, and it is why we created Managed Retail Commerce. Essentially, it is an innovative retail technology business model that unleashes the potential of unified commerce. Behind the curtain, all systems work together with one common, forward-facing vision for customers, with all points of commerce providing a similar look, feel and  experience, but operating contextually for the touchpoint.

All Point’s Managed Retail Commerce service is an integrated offering, including all hardware, SAAS, integrations, platforms and unlimited service support coverage in a fixed monthly technology-as-a-service model. This helps clients focus on the business operations needed to meet customer needs, rather than be restricted and limited by their current infrastructure or workflows.

Here’s the specific punch list for each key bucket of service functions.


–  On-site Installation
–  Cyber Security
–  In-house Remote Support
–  Network Management
–  Redundant Failover Internet
–  Training
–  Assigned Account Team


–  Business Elasticity
–  Business Process Mapping
–  Video Integration analytics: AI Driven ROI
–  Mobile/Pop Ups / Store in Store / Events
–  Inventory Control
–  Logistics
–  Analytics
–  Ecommerce
–  Digital Integration


–  Technology backbone that allows clients to seamlessly present a common customer experience across all platforms, from online, in-store, and mobile to non-traditional.
–  Common Platform POS / OMS / CRM
–  Scalable from 10 – 1000+ Locations
–  Technology-as-a-Service
–  In-House Integration Management
–  Clienteling/Loyalty
–  EDI, Endless Aisle, Drop Ship
–  Online Marketplace Integration: AMZ, FBA by AMZ, Ebay, Walmart

With the rising pressure for the retail commerce functions to work harder, this is not an easy proposition, but it’s all All Point does–technology for retail. This is a key, as the secret sauce for a managed retail IT proposition is not just software and integrations, but the staff behind the curtain. All Point’s team brings expertise from all corners of the retail ecosystem, applying their knowledge consultatively to ensure clients know HOW to best use the technology to achieve measurable business results. They’ve lived retail’s realities for decades, so doing this is as natural as breathing.

We help our managed retail commerce clients meet their customers at the many intersection points of their lives, seamlessly and personalized to their needs.

All Point Retail has been pushing this innovative way of doing business for years, and the value of this approach was proved out to existing clients when the pandemic hit. They were able to pivot their business operations instantaneously with no loss of connection to their customers. The result? They catapulted their businesses past their much larger retail competitors. If they want to swing by a store and pick up at the curb, get something sent home swiftly, ping for a product via mobile, grab on impulse from an automated vending machine or pop by a pop-up, our solution can make it happen. And as the formats of retail continue to expand, this will be the future foundation for all retail.

Contact us today to learn more about how Managed Retail Commerce can benefit your retail operations! 

All Point is changing how retailers approach IT.

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