You don’t predict retail IT’s future – you design it.
At least, we do.

Our History

We started in this business over two decades ago operating as one of the top Microsoft RMS dealers in North America.

When the product started nearing the end of its life, we realized that far too many retailers were finding themselves vulnerable to the erratic paths that many retail IT companies pursue. They are given a finite set of features and benefits, often without the ability to flex for different use cases or fit seamlessly with other systems. We got to work addressing the challenges, and All Points’ Managed Retail Commerce emerged.

Our Vision

All integrated retail systems, processes, workflows and management–from POS to inventory to analytics–under one roof managed by a dedicated success team.

Our model is to provide all the tools retailers need to flexibly support every shopper touchpoint, but with no additional staff, risk or complexity to take on.

We listen and unpack challenges

We create a bulletproofed unified solution

We make it financially feasible

We manage it all…and we mean ALL of it

What we mean by proving it.

Our managed retail commerce approach increased a legacy brick and mortar client’s online revenue 20X –with little-to-no additional investment.

Working with us

When you work with us, you get a team of battle-savvy, seasoned vets with consulting, IT, development and operational retail prowess.​

We dive in together to grasp your challenges from “all points”, then solve them with unified solutions that solve for today with tomorrow in mind. We’re software and hardware agnostic, but irrationally passionate about a few secret weapons—we have to be, we’re staying in the trenches with you for the long haul.

Headquartered in
Sarasota, Florida


Years of Experience


Retail locations


Customer service

Our solution partners

Our Leadership

Sean Quinn


Sean is a true veteran, both literally and figuratively. Bolstered by years of military experience in a variety of positions and commands, his strategic intelligence background laid the foundation for his passion for business intelligence through technology – especially in the retail arena.  He is a serial entrepreneur, innovator, and industry catalyst for how we use technology to catapult business performance.

Sean has successfully founded, funded, and grown several highly awarded technology-based companies across the US, as well as beyond it’s borders.  A leader, experienced operator, impassioned entrepreneur and seasoned boundary breaker, his greatest love is transforming a killer idea into a successful execution for both his clients and All Point Retail. Family man, Spartan fanatic, and American patriot, Sean exudes an unwavering belief in the American Dream.

Sean Finnegan


If there’s one thing to shout out about Sean, it’s that he’s a man that get things done. Whether it’s tech product development, digital marketing, retail innovation, account leadership, or implementation and delivery, he can dream it, do it and troubleshoot it. Cutting his teeth in telecom, he fell in love with digital marketing and retrenched his career focus with a leading global provider of integrated information technology solutions to the automotive retail and adjacent industries. Here, he was exposed to both the potentials and pitfalls of retail tech, leading him to Teamwork, a commerce company focused on bringing frictionless commerce to the next generation of retail. It wasn’t long before Sean was leading their program services, then global accounts. He joined All Point in 2019, already a key Teamwork customer, to secure a spot on the front lines of retail’s evolving tech future–most times bringing solutions to All Point clients before they even know they needed them.  

Will Amos

VP, Sales and Business Development

Will, with a triple threat background across retail, DOOH and tech-based solutions, started his career in digital signage and retail innovation with NanoLumens, where he spearheaded their retail vertical efforts. Craving to be part of more integrated store solutions, he moved to NYC to focus on consumer experience design at thebigspace, a retail innovation boutique. Diversified’s Digital Media Group lured him away in 2015, where he spearheaded multiple Fortune 500 retail installations, including the famous Edge experience at Hudson Yards. Now, as the head of sales and biz dev at All Point, Will leans on his passion, expertise and educational prowess to help customers best deploy and manage advanced retail technology solutions.